Friday, July 11, 2008

Talk Talk update

I talked to Jeep tonight. He told me all about his time with Talk Talk. He toured with the band for about a year, in 1984, and knows them all. Personally. He said what I figured he'd say, that he really doesn't know what Mark Hollis is doing, but that he bought a house somewhere in the country and has given up music. He said Mark was a private person, very uncomfortable with the public lifestyle and touring and performing. He said "He was a hard guy to get to know." I knew that. I could tell. Damn genius musicians and their quirks. Jeep told me that he was uncomfortable in the limelight, and felt awkward, and to cover it up he "often came across as arrogant." Yep, I completely get it.

Anyway, Jeep told me there are several videos from the tour he was on, and I've found a few. I had to search pretty hard to find him in the video, cause the Jeep I know has bleached blond hair and is 20 something years older than he was then. I figured he'd look a lot different back then, but he really doesn't He has dark short black hair, but other than that, it's him.

In this video of Dum Dum Girl, Jeep's playing acoustic guitar and wearing jeans and a jean jacket. At around 2:39 there are several shots of him. He's also the guy who is standing up on the drum riser a bit after that mark.

Here's another one, from the same tour. This time he's in a white tee shirt at the left of the stage. He jumps off the risers in a really rock and roll move at one point. I can't embed cause YouTube won't let me, but here's the URL:

Hey, I think he's in this one, too! I'll have to ask him, but isn't that Jeep on the left playing his guitar way up under his arm? I'm almost sure it is:

WOW. I've watched this one before, and had no idea. I'm thunderstruck, only a much more clever word than that...

I'm honestly humbled and impressed, but not because Jeep was in a famous band. I know lots of famous band members. I'm overwhelmed caused Mark Hollis is an idol of mine, and to me is this mysterious, reclusive icon of popular music. I can't believe I know someone who knows/knew him. It's just too much.

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