Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nick....wants to rock and roll all night...

Tonight my son played his first gig as a musician. He's been in Chicago Joe's Rock 'n Blues Camp all week, and they have a big concert tomorrow. Tonight was their 'dress rehearsal.' It was amazing to see how much these guys, who didn't even know each other before Monday, have been able to learn in just four days. And they're all so calm and easy together. There are five bands in all...some of whom have played together for a while, others, like Nick's band, just formed this week. It's a great thing!

Here's Nick learning for the first time "Ghostbusters." One of the bands just decided to play it at the last minute, and needed sax players. Nick is in the middle here:

Next came Nick's actual band, the Orz. No, they wouldn't listen to MY ideas for band names. They played Bowie's "Fame," but the guy who was supposed to guest sing never showed, so some random audience member filled in on vocals. He was great. I'll post the video of these when I figure out how to transfer them, cause I shot those songs on the video camera.

The next song was Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Texas Flood." I was especially impressed with Nick's keyboard skills on this one. He's a natural. And I'm NOT bragging, I swear! Judge for yourself!

More tomorrow, after the real concert...

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