Thursday, July 31, 2008

Now it's THREE years ago!

I posted this a year ago. Now another year has passed. Is it time for another Rewind, kids?

Two years ago this weekend we were immersed in the blow-out that was Athens Rewind. Now it seems so long ago. Given the direction our lives have taken I can't see this event ever happening again. Here are some images from Athens then and, well, then again.

Oh yeah, we're still the coolest fucking people on the planet.


Mike M said...

Hey cool gal...who is the man four pictures up with the semi beard.?

Nice pictures, though I don't know many of the folks.

Julie said...

That's my dearest friend Dundy. We went to high school together pre-Athens. He's also in the top photo next to my friend Janet, who also went to the same high school. He's a doll. He was a painter back in the day in Athens, a really good one. I think he came way after you though, around 1982. He's now a dancer in New York.

I think a lot of these folks also came to Athens after you left, but surely you know Maureen (top pic, after Dundy and Janet), Leslie Michel (next pic down), Ingrid, David Pierce, and skipping down to the last picture before the Tyrone's sign, ME and Jimmy Ellison!

And in the Rewind party pics, you must recognize Vanessa and Linda Hopper (third pic down), Mike Mills with Leslie Michel (a couple more down), ME and Leslie (three more down), and Kurt Wood and Ort right below Dundy.

You WILL be at the next one...

Lucy Cuseo said...

Kurt and Ort? Aw. I miss them.

Lucy Cuseo said...
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