Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rock n Blues Camp, part III

FINALLY! Some decent video shot by a fellow parent who had a tripod. I know I'm beating this into the ground, but PLEASE give these a listen. You'll see how good these kids really are!

ORZ, Texas Flood, which not only shows off my Nick's keyboard skills, but also Aaron's and Logan's guitar solos:

ORZ, Fame. This is a hard song to play, but my favorite part is how they nail the ending!

Ghostbustaz, Ghostbusters. Nick on sax this time. It was the last song of the night...and a great send off. The crowd loved it!

Yes, there were other bands that night...here's my favorite one besides Nick's. They're called Dad Jar, and I love their singer to bits! Here they do Born Under a Bad Sign:

Here's my second favorite band, Highway. Rumor has it these guys have a CD out. They've been together since Joe's camp a few years ago. This is an original of theirs, Kinky Wizard, aka We Aren't Good at Naming Songs:

And here's Joe jamming with the Ghostbusters band, doing What I'd Say. He had to use a lyric cheat sheet taped to the floor, which amazed even Nicholas! How could he not know the words already? No offense, Joe...

So much talent in that little group!

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caryl said...

Wow! They're really good! Thanks for posting these videos. I like to see kids appreciating and learning to play something other than top 40.