Friday, December 20, 2013

Urbex and Saving Old Houses

I realized I have a perfectly good blog here that I could put to use as something a little more exciting than what it's been lately, i.e. empty.

I have begun stopping at houses that look interesting, peeking in the windows, going inside if they're open, taking pictures. Instead of documenting this on Facebook, as I've been doing, I am going to start posting here. Maybe we can save some of the beauty of the past by stopping the destruction of beautiful homes, commercial buildings and random architectural coolness. I want to work up to saving entire neighborhoods intact, eventually preserving the integrity of large areas.

America used to be beautiful. It's pretty ugly now. This is my small contribution to stopping the destruction of real craftmanship, care and thought.

Day one: my current obsession, 1098 Dan Johnson Road, Atlanta, GA 30307.

This place is simply lovely. The craftmanship and the materials cannot be reproduced. Yet it is being used as a storage space for the owner until she can tear it down and build something new, which somehow has come to be synonymous with "better." The setting, the history of the property, the unique use of wood and stone...why must all that be destroyed because of one person's bad decision? That decision affects the whole area and city for the rest of time. It's just not right.