Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chicago Joe's Rock n Blues Camp concert

Last night was the big end-of-camp performance for the Chicago Joe musicians of week four. There were five bands in all, and they absolutely rocked the house! Nick's band, ORZ, played four songs: an original piece called Home, Stevie Ray Vaughan's Texas Flood, a crazy Black Keys song Strange something, and David Bowie, Fame. I must say, his band was the tightest, most fun, and had the best variety of songs. In my humble opinion...

Here's Nick nailing the synth riff in Fame. Please excuse the sound. I was right by the monitors and it was LOUD:


Here's Nick and Aaron, his best band buddy, at the dinner we had beforehand. Pylon fans and band members, note that he's proudly representing!

Below is Nick with Jeep, friend, counselor and carpooler extraordinaire. He was also in Talk Talk, as you may already have heard...

And this is Nick with the famous Chicago Joe, who made it all happen.

At the end of the show Nick was on sax, and he and another sax player and a trombonist joined the last band for this rousing number. They only added the brass section on Thursday night, but they nailed it and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! Once again, my apologies for the crappy sound.


In truth, everyone totally rocked last night...


caryl said...

That's such a cool idea- the whole rock n blues camp thing. I don't know if they do anything like that in my area, but I would've signed up my son years ago.

Nick is good! It looks like he was having a blast.

Ingrid said...

Awesome. How are you going to keep him down on the farm now?