Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Still crushing...

I found this on YouTube and have no idea what it is. It seems to be some wacky British t.v. show, like the kind we DON'T have here. Sadly. We need more pop culture humor.

Who knew Amy was such a cockney, or so bleedin' funny???

I love her even more now...


caryl said...

Wow, she's wasted!

Because I'm a curious kinda gal, I googled "The Buzzcocks" and found out the name of the show is actually "Never Mind the Buzzcocks". Here's what I found:

"Never Mind the Buzzcocks is a comedy panel game show with a pop and rock music theme.The title plays on the names of the Sex Pistols' Never Mind the Bollocks album, and the band Buzzcocks.

The show is infamous for its dry, sarcastic humour and scathing, provocative attacks on the pop industry."

Yes, we need this here in the states! Lots of fodder.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Amy. You look so healthy there, without your Blake Incarcerated. I don't think she could have been all that wasted or the 12-year-old host would not have gone on so much about the crack and the intervention - no? Or maybe I'm thinking in US terms of irony.

Couldn't understand much of what she said, but "I've got something to put in you" is a line from the song "Gay Bar."

Julie said...

My thoughts exactly, Ings. I think it's a huge joke, and I love how she naturally does shit like spit off camera (kind of) and then justify it. I don't think she's wasted at all, just dryly British. They got us beat hands down, sarcasm-wise.

But I thought the host only LOOKED 12. "Let it die, Simon." Brill.

K said...

i saw this show years ago whilst on holiday in scotland. fucking hilarious.