Thursday, February 14, 2008

Charlotte and Harry Get Hitched

I absolutely love this episode of "Sex and the City." Charlotte loves Harry so much, and he loves her even more, and they click like nobody's business, even though she's totally WASP and he's totally Jewish. They absolutely don't belong together, and that's what makes it perfect.

The two of them give me an ache in my heart. Here it is - Valentine's Day - and Channel 36 has decided it's time to re-run this particular episode. It's times like this that I know God hates me. Last year I was with my Harry, this year it turns out he was all a figment of my imagination. All the beautiful Charlotte/Harry moments are gone. Were they even real at all, or just a fog I lived in for two and a half years? I have no idea. It sure felt real, and forever, and perfect.

Anyway, beautiful neurotic Charlotte has the most cursed wedding imaginable: she and Harry get into the wedding section of the NY Times, which is quite the coup, but in the published photo she has smudge on her upper lip, making her look like Hitler. Samantha breaks her pearl bracelet in the middle of the wedding ceremony...pearls go everywhere and later cause Charlotte to nearly fall as she leaves the altar. Harry spills red wine on Charlotte's beautiful wedding dress, creating an awkward moment of messy silence. And Carrie's fling from the previous night, under the impression that she used him just for sex, mouths obscenities at her during the ceremony. At the reception, the paper from which Miranda is reading catches fire on one of the candles and someone dumps a glass of water on her to put it out. But in the end, it's all perfect, because of the love, baby, because of the love.

These final episodes of SATC are truly poignant. Each of the four women ends up with her one true love. It's a beautiful thing, even if it's pure fiction. We can still hope for love, and believe it's out there somewhere.

Happy Valentine's Day, for those of you who are celebrating it. Be in love, be happy, and know how lucky you are.


Anonymous said...

Okay I won't say Happy Valentines day to you because you don't seem to be in the mood. Remember, God invented alcohol for when life sucks.
It could be worst really! Chill out. Lots of men out there! Forget and move on.

Chicken & Waffles said...

Do not buy into the sentimental slop that is Valentine's Day. And watching the romantic episodes of SATC on sentimental holidays is just bad for you. So stop it.

I say this with love, you know.

Julie said...

Guys! This is a positive post! I was trying to wax poetic, and look forward with hope. A mere six lines about you know who, among a whole bunch about love in general and my fave segment of SATC seemed like a step in the right direction, give or take a few degrees.

CW, the watching of the episode was purely accidental. I would never do it on purpose.

And Zen...lots of men...good one!

I love you both. Happy VD.

Paloma said...

I love SATC so much! I think the
4th and 6th seasons were by far the best.