Sunday, November 25, 2007

Foucault et Chomsky, or Human Nature vs. Institutional Oppression

I love this exchange. These cats rock.


caryl said...

(I already tried to post, so I hope this doesn't show up twice.)

Julie, I love the fact that you keep me on my toes intellectually, but baby, my head is about to explode! Can't we just make fun of the Soul Patrol? :)

Julie said...

Caryl, shhhh! I'm just trying to move on from my "woe is me" bullshit to a more interesting, thought-provoking Julie.

But the SP idea is much better. ;-)

lion said...

I heart Noam Chomsky. Too bad he doesn't get the respect he deserves in the US. Saw him speak years ago in NYC in a smallish setting. Brilliant!