Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey day

Thanksgiving begins for me with Rosie's school's turkey day lunch with parents. We had a lovely time. Here I am with my girl, about to enjoy the infamous cafeteria turkey and dressing, followed by the questionable pumpkin pie.

Here's Rosie's BFF Zoe, who has excellent taste in music AND t-shirts, and her mom, my dear friend Rebecca.
And another good friend, Dana, and her sweet mom, Angela.

And here's Hailey and her grandmothers, I think...

There were many dads there, too, somehow I just didn't get any of their pics...This was our last year, after seven years of Thanksgiving lunches at this school. Graduating is so is growing up!

And now for Thanksgiving proper. I hosted this year, which seemed like a good idea. But I'd let myself forget how much my mom loves to hover, and nag, and generally make me a nervous wreck. So there was a bit of an upset early on, but once she calmed down it was actually fun! Here's my table:

We needed flowers...oh well. Here's my sister in law, Liz, and mom:

And Mom and Nick:
Somehow I never took a picture of the kids' table! It was the best part of the day, but my camera is on the fritz. I'll have to borrow some from Liz...

And a few more candid shots:

Hope your Turkey Day rocked like mine did!

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