Monday, November 24, 2008

Did somebody mention love?

You have no idea.

With the exception of my father, no one has ever stood
by me the way you do . That's really saying
No matter what, I will always be grateful for your
unwavering support.

I love you sooooo much! - sugarlips

Living and building a life together, in real time is
all I've ever wanted. Both of us single or married to
one another is the way it has to be, whether we live
together or separately or even in the same town for
that matter.
As far as our being able to "make it" as a couple and
weather the trials and tribulations of life, I ain't
skeer'd. I'm afraid that we may never get the chance
to try for real.
I love you just the way you are
and don't want to change a thing about you. I can live
with your faults. I hope that you can live with mine.
That's where we will learn how to work things out
together as a team and a unified front. I promise,
that if and when you find yourself single, I'll be
there to help you pick up the pieces.
I think that you are beginning to see that our future
together rests on your shoulders. How and when you
choose to deal with it is entirely up to you and you
alone. The only person that I can change is me. I want
to be your man so badly.
You are always on my mind.
I still want to be your man. I love you in ways that I
don't even understand.

One day - Paul

My beautiful FSK,

I love you with all my heart! - P

Plumb amazing, ain't it?

I love you! - the loin ranger

I love you and am very excited about tomorrow night.
Gotta run - builderlips

Very modern...breaking up via email.

I always have wanted you and I still do, big issues or

Love - sadlips

I'm sorry that I was so rough on you yesterday
afternoon. All this stuff stacks up on me too.

I LOVE YOU. Our future together is important to me.
We'll figure it out so that it will be good for

I'll call when I get in from work this evening.

XXXOOO - sugarlips

Sweetest Frenchie -
I am so sorry that I hurt you so this past week.
Friday night was indeed very intimate and just the
type of night that I see us having most every night.
We have only hinted as to what potentially lies ahead
for us.
Knowing this, I confess that it really pushes me to
the brink of the abyss having to spend so much time
apart. That is really what causes me to lose touch
with my heart, listen to the naysayers while allowing
my imagination to take my mind into the dark recesses
of an alternate reality and say things that I don't
I daydream all the time about our future home together
(where ever that may be)puttering around the yard,
doing special little projects for you so that our home
is as wonderful and distinctive as our relationship.
I really want to build a home for you and the kids
with my own two hands as a testament to my immense
love for you. A home that would be our sanctuary not
only from the elements but also from the insanity that
seems to inhabit this old world at times. A safe
haven, a love nest and a soft place to land is what I
know it will be.
I will try to be more patient with the process in
which you find yourself just now starting. It will be
better on me in Athens all the way around. Goals to
shoot for and deadlines to meet and not being out in
the boonies should work wonders on my worried mind.
The hours that we passed together Friday night and
Saturday were so pleasurable, laid back and
comforting, that I could barely stand to drive away.

You are such a catch. So beautiful, smart and loving.
I want a life with to day, you know, routine
stuff. No more road warrior, except when we go on
vacation. Now I know that none of this is going to
happen quickly or easily. I will try to stay focused
on the tasks at hand and try not to get too wound up
about the current situation as I am sure that you are
doing all that you can to make the necessary changes.

Kitten - I love you like I've never loved another
living soul. We've both got to be more cognizant of
the others perception of the current circumstances.
I'm all for creating a proposed timetable, actually
write some benchmark dates down, so that we know where
we should be at most any moment in the future.
I think that would go a good ways toward making me
feel better. Plus it'll give us something to look at
and talk about.
I am so about being the man in your life. I am still
somewhat unsure as to why you love me so much, but I
am very grateful that you do. I am going to stop
questioning it and just let myself be consumed by it.

My deepest Love always - reverand Tazzy sugarlips

hey doll -

I love you.

Thanks again for all you did yesterday. I'm
nursemaiding sis back to health. Talked to momn for a
minute and dad is on his way over and I've left john a

There you have it. I'll call you before i come back
to town.

XXXOOO sugarlips

I understand completely and agree wholeheartedly...

XXXOOO sugarmuscles

I'll be about 9:30 at
least before I make it to your door. Keep your
tootsies warm for me - sugarwonderin' XXXOOO

I'm so glad that you get my off-beat sense of humor.

Why on earth would you think such terrible thoughts?
Our love shall never's as big as the East is
from the West. The fuckin' $$$ thing has got us both
by the snarflees and that makes it hard to concentrate
on the bigger more beautiful picture.
We need to keep our eyes on the prize, my lovely girl.
Being apart after having been together for so many
consecutive days makes life no easier for either one
of us.


Howdy there, Miss Bleary -
Nice sentiment and sounds so easy.
I like it and I like to be there with you when you
wake up a little bleary.

Hello there gorgeous person in my life,

Yes, I do and many times over.
Love always - sugarlips

Dear Julie FSK,
I wanted to say how much I love you and care so deeply
for you. The desire that resides in my heart for you
is everlasting, genuine and sincere. I'm smiling now
as i write to you of my love and committment to our
relationship and I am waiting patiently on the clock
till the appropriate time to give you a wake up call.
I am at a sudden loss of words that might capture the
true intensity of my feelings for you. Think back to
last night, as we huddled and cuddled in the little
dark booth at the Famous Pub. Remember the warm,
enveloping feelings that wrapped your heart, mind and
soul as we talked? If you know a word that sums up
those feelings, then that would be the word I would
use to describe the indescribable heart-set.
I am looking forward to our lunch date today. I hope
that you are. Be thinking of where you would like to

Until then - sugarlips

I love you more than you've ever been loved before.
Deeply, passionately like no other - XXOO p

> Still love me?

You've gotta be kidding?!?! Ashley and Jessica came
by and Jessica asked if we had a good time last night.
My reply was "Honey, I love that girl more and more
every time I see her!" Dewayne chimed in and said,
"Yeah, his girlfriend is pretty cool."
So yeah, I still LOOOOVVE you, Frenchie!

World class emailin', dear. This one is gonna get you
a phone call.

till then XXXXXXxxxxxxxOOOOOOOooooooo

hey you,

have I told you that I really do love you? well, just
in case you're wonderin'...I DO!

I reckon I'm gonna hang here at chewdog's for the
evening, bad tire and all. You can hang with us if
you like. Low key, get my head together sorta evening
and then head towards the Atl tomorrow afternoon after
getting yet another new tire for the go-cart. I may
ease down to Home Depot in Dawsonville to get the
material for your electrical project.
Call, write or send a message in a bottle - love - rev

Good morning Frenchie, sweetheart, sex kitten,
signifigant other in my future -

I made it to Baldwin and suffered no ill effect.
The drive was not bad - as there was hardly any
traffic. I do some of my best thinking in the car and
this was a good morning for it.

I mostly occupied my mind with thoughts of you....
about how the best thing that has ever happened to
me(meeting you)and how the worst thing that's ever
happened (the rest of my life other than you and those
things that involve you)are goin' on at the same exact
time. It's hard to figure. I'm still sortin' it out
in my head. The duality of it all, I mean. But more
importantly, I think, is that we have indeed found one
another. We spoke earlier of just how short of a time
that its' actually been since we met. I do feel as if
I've known you for much longer than it has been. The
connection is strong and real. I am constantly amazed
at the fact that you love and care for me as I think
you do. I will be forever grateful for the seemingly
random chain of events that caused our two very
different worlds to collide.
I am eager to see how, and confident that our
relationship will grow deeper and stronger.
The Pull is undeniable. The way you support me in all
facets of our budding romance is, in reality, is quite
humbling.....the fact that you see something in me
even while I'm embroiled with all these other negative
and emotionally draining situations is beyond me. I'm
not questioning it, I just don't see how you do it. I
love you for it.

I love you more every day.

Know this: I would have lost my mind along time ago
if not for you - and for that I am eternally grateful.
You know those sweet, gentle, loving, sexy things that
I whisper in your ear....are true, everyone. You have
my heart completely.

Hello Frenchie, sweet heart, sex kitten, godess of my
little universe -
Oh how I love you so. This day has been long and hard.

Did you get the text messages that I sent your way the
other night? If not, then the problem must be on my

My legs are sore from all the sweaty acrobatics.

Methinks I'll just go to bed, for tomorrow is a brand
new day with all sorts of possibilities.

I do love you so -reverand taz


But you rock!