Saturday, November 8, 2008

So beautiful..

This is the beauty I get to look at from my front window this week. It only lasts about five days, but it's a glorious five days. The Japanese maple in my front yard:

Can you believe this color even exists?
And this is the incredible oak (I think) across the street. Actually, I totally made up 'oak'. I have absolutely no idea what kind of tree it is.
and how serendipitous is this shot? I just clicked and had no idea a leaf was falling till I uploaded the pic!
Oh, and Barry stopped by to see the tree, and to give a speech:

And in honor of fall, here's my new hair color:


Kenzie said...


Haha, that picture of him really through me off, I didn't expect to see him in your front yard!!

Chicken And Waffles said...

The trees are beyond spectacular--afire with such vivid beauty. Your hair color looks pretty damned good too. Great photos.