Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Stah is Born

I'm going to share with you some fabulous images from the modeling competition Rosie was in a few weeks ago. First, her talent. It was a dance/dramatic interpretation/jumping around offering:

And here's the runway portion:

Is she a nut or what?

Now, on to more serious things...my garden. I took up gardening when we moved into this house, and then when I started grad school, began to neglect it. Now I barely plant annuals at the beginning of spring/fall. But I try to keep it up enough to still have lovely colors and shit. Here are the fruits of my (coughcough) labor:

That's a Japanese maple, obviously, flanked by azaleas and with some purple thing from the neighbor's yard in the background.

Here are some lovely little things I planted in amongst the (damn taking over the garden) daylilies. Aren't they sweet?

Next is my favorite...but don't tell the other plants. It's my New Dawn trailing roses:

And a faraway shot:

Actually they aren't my favorite. I don't have a favorite. Look at these amazing peonies. I neglected to get a photo of them on the bush, and now with all the rain we've had they've fallen over so I'll just show you this one of the incredible blooms in my living room:

They smell AMAZING. Okay, here's my favorite tree in the back yard. I swear it's got a soul:

And one last shot...my hellebores. I like them cause they have a lot of personality, and are very hardy:

That's it for now. Come back tomorrow, when we play "Meet the Pets"!


caryl said...

Adorable Rosie! (I love her name, btw)

And your garden is beautiful.

Chicken & Waffles said...

Oh, I have such garden envy. Your little patch of paradise is divine, my friend, divine. The azaleas had me hyperventilating.

And your other little flower, Rosie, is the pride of the bunch.

Lovely post.

Anonymous said...

She's a natural. A few more years and you can have her model and bring in some dough! Just kidding. :-)

I love your garden soooo much. Gosh, i miss having a garden!

Ingrid said...

Rosie! OMG! So her turn on stage at Breastfest was not a fluke!

Love your garden. I don't have a backyard (or a front yard!) and I miss the verdant.