Monday, May 12, 2008

Bad episode at Bloomingdales...

When my person and I first started communicating back in early February, he wrote me about a "bad episode" he had earlier had on Amazon, during which he made a massive purchase of some fancy All Classic Movies of All Time, which included 100 films on a rolling tray contraption. He obviously spent a lot of money on it, and it was a hilarious story, but I remember thinking, "Why would you do that?" I've always loved shopping, but have never gone and bought shit just to feel better. Well, today I realized the soothing calm that comes from overspending on something you don't really need. I went to Bloomingdale's with my daughter after I got home from my disappointing Athens trip. All I needed was some facial soap, but Rosie insisted we shop. Since I was feeling really blue I decided what the hell, I love to shop, so off into Lenox Mall we went.

Oh the beauty of Lenox! When I first moved to Atlanta after college in the mid-80's, I spent much of my life at this mall, and in fact worked in the men's fragrance counter of Macy's for a while. Being there again made me feel like it was 1986 and I was out with Kris Clower trying on clothes and shoes and buying lots of makeup and stuff getting ready for a Saturday night at Weekend's. It was invigorating. We went to J Crew (ooooooooo!), Coach (aaaaaaaaa!), Kenneth Cole and the Mac store. I don't have a Mac...I don't even like them...but heavens! This store! It's all music and light and pretty people and pretty toys...I decided I need a iPod Touch. It was sooooooo beautiful. And there was some fabulous speaker system thing to go with your iPod Touch that I need too. Rosie and I played with it and searched for the Killers and played "Jenny" and "Andy" and "On Top." Bad choice, cause the Killers always remind me of him, so I got all sad. I bought them both. Egad.

Then back we went to Bloomingdale's. We had moved on to the upstairs level of Lenox by now, so as we entered the store we found ourselves right at the beautiful women's clothes. I perused some swimsuits...lovely...and some skirts...gorgeous...then suddenly I spotted the most beautiful dress I've ever seen. It's white silky (but not shiny) soft material, and tailored just right. It's sleeveless and hugs my waist and makes my bottom look really cute. I bought it. It was $200. Is that bad? I guess not really, but I sure don't have any money right now. But at least I look fabulous.

Men. Who knows what they're ever thinking? I console myself with fashion.

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Ingrid said...

$200 is a lot for a dress just got a new job, so why not celebrate? You can wear it to next year's commencement!

And so do I understand that you bought the iPod too? But girl, you love music - you should have an iPod!!