Saturday, December 29, 2007

What This Blog Needs is More Woody Allen

Damn, I'm living a Woody Allen movie.

Here's another, that has nothing to do with my life whatsoever. Except that I am writing fiction, and I love New York:

I never thought about how important the openings to Woody Allen's movies are. These are my two favorites, maybe because of the neat and tidy openings and the equally orderly, tie-it-all-up-in-a-ribbon endings.

If only life would come full circle and have everything make sense.


Chicken & Waffles said...

There is a reason why Allen is neurotic. He lives in New York.

It supports brilliance and navel gazing.

Do you wonder why I love it so?

Julie said...

Cause you're brilliant, with a lovely navel...

Anonymous said...

I know his private hef ;-)

Julie said...

He has a private Hef? Like with a mansion and everything?

Oh...chef! That's incredibly cool. He is one of my idols, Soon Yi or no. Zen, you never cease to impress me!

Anonymous said...

I meant private chef haha!
I heard he is really cool in real life, he takes his chef to Cannes with him just to hang out and to movie sets sometimes. Pretty cool huh?
The chef is another Frenchie! :-)