Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas, Cruel World

I am going to Rome for Christmas in about an hour. My mom doesn't believe in the Internet, so I'll be more or less offline for the next few days. On the bright side, she has cable.

I'll be thinking about all my friends out there over these next few days, and thanking my stars that I have you all. Be safe, eat lots of food, and love the people you're with. Merry Christmas.


caryl said...

Merry Christmas, Julie!

tod said...

Merry Christmas. Have a safe trip.

Chicken & Waffles said...

Merry Christmas dearest Jules. May the new year ahead be filled with new people, experiences and most of all, with love. You deserve the very best.

Anonymous said...

Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee Julie!
Best wishes for the new year but remember, if everything goes wrong there's always alcohol!

Julie said...

Zen, alcohol is always a good idea. Thanks for reminding me.

CW, you are beautiful, inside and out. Thank you for your sweet encouragement.

Tod, always a pleasure. I hope you had a great Christmas, too.

Caryl, my partner in all things Taylor, Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year.