Sunday, December 16, 2007

If You Were a Jacket, Wheah Would You Be?

This video shows the winding down of our Christmas party through the eyes of Rosie. Look for a cameo by yours truly.

All in all, the party was a huge success. Everyone I invited came, except for three families, and as I expected, it was tres crowded, but in a good way. The first guests arrived at about 7:15, the last group left after 11:00, and as Rebecca says, anytime people stay longer than the invitation says, it's the sign of a good party.

The food was fabulous, as usual. But today I realize I didn't take any pictures of it! You will just have to use your imagination. The top three hors d'oeuvres were, in order of platters emptied: 1. Kim's Party Potatoes...the name says it all, 2. Deb's Chinese dumplings...fried, not steamed, 3. Nancy's marinated antipasto and mozarella...served with country French bread. So delicious. The top drinks were the Sam Adams something or other, and the spiked Evan Williams egg nog. It comes pre-mixed! Such a deal and actually, really good. I drank too much and ate too much. It was great.

Here are the few shots I was able to get with my camera, which has decided to randomly stop taking pictures at the most inopportune times.

My tree, pre party. Note the one present underneath. Someone needs to get on the ball:
My table, pre party. :

Rebecca, Angela, Tony, and the back of a girl Reb brought whose name I forgot:
The youngest guest, Sophia, who is already an old hat at parties, not to mention ADORABLE:
Crowd shot - Jeep and Emma in the foreground, Molly by the tree, Juan and Mike in front of the entertainment center, Tammy, someone and Deb on sofa...Today I'm tired and a little headachy. But it's all good. We ended up with lots of leftover food, lots of ownerless platters and dishes, and one kids' coat. How anyone went home last night without a coat is beyond's freezing here.

So, that's my party. We'll do it again next year!


caryl said...

Good job! I love a crowded, noisy house full of friends. (Didn't I just say in your last post that I avoid having people over? I guess once the party gets going, I really do enjoy it!)

Anyway, everything looked great and everyone looks happy. Again, good job.

Anonymous said...

Hey how come I wasn't invited?
Did the invitation get lost in the mail or sumethin'?

Julie said...

Zen...I'm so happy you're visiting my blog! The chiminea comment has bonded us for life! And your invitation for next year's party is in the mail.

And Caryl...throwing parties is one of those things I never thought I'd be good at, like teaching and presenting papers at conferences. But once you jump into some things, you realize you have a talent for them. And your invite for next year is in the mail, too. ;-)

Mall Rabbit said...

Congrats on the party! I have not had a party at my house in a couple years. Well, other than catalogue parties. Happy holidays to you...

I just discovered Jeff Lopez's new Myspace. Saw that I missed him performing with the Erin Mitchell band in Decatur last month. I think some place called The Bricks -- if I remember. Oh well.

Julie said...

Mall Rabbit...really? I wish I'd known. I think it must be the Brickstore. I didn't know they had live music - maybe there's a back room or something. Dang. Next time let's make the scene...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Mall Rabbit said...

Hey Julie,

This is what his Myspace said, wherever that is. If I'd known he was finally keeping an appearance schedule I would've gone. I saw Erin with LiMBO last year at Mike-N-Angelos. She's really good.

November, 20 2007 at The Brick w/The Erin Mitchell Band
125 E Court Sq, Decatur, Georgia

I bookmarked your blog awhile back and I happened to check it.

A little bummed about Dan Fogelberg passing. I downloaded a "best of" CD from iTunes last night for my Shuffle.

Chicken & Waffles said...

Pretty house. Pretty tree. Pretty people. How come I wasn't invited, girl?

Looks like a wonderful time.