Friday, January 2, 2009

Unseen photos redux

The universe keeps sending me old photos of me and Paul. What is that about? Friendly reminders to remember the good? Painful reminders to remember how much it hurts? Something cosmic that I don't understand?

Anyway, here are today's offerings, thanks to Sunny Shropshire, who uploaded these today to her Facebook account. She and her kids met up with us on our beach trip to Seagrove with KO and Alan and their family. So cute! First is Paul with an unusually fat tummy:

Then Rosie, who is either playing Paul's harp or the one he bought for her:

And KO is in lovely black and white, for some reason:
And this one, which makes my heart hurt, cause once again, body language, baby. Why I look like a fat pregnant whale, I have no idea. I wasn't! This is Sunny, KO, me and Paul:

Ah, memories. I don't understand why people keep sending me these images, but I'm keeping my New Year's promise to remember the good, let go of the bad, and move on. Hard to do, though. I remember that trip like it was yesterday. KO and I had planned this trip for ages, and it was going to be my first family vacation without Sean. I was very excited about it, except for leaving Paul behind. Luckily, he decided at the last minute that he couldn't be away from me for a whole week, so he drove through the night to get to me. Awwww! Of course, the week ended on a less than sweet note, with him yelling at Nick while drunk and us having the first of several breakups. We made up, obviously, cause we couldn't bear to ever be apart. How did that change for him, I wonder...

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