Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Crimmis

Quelle Christmas! I spent basically the whole of Christmas Day in bed. I was sick, and all I could do was sleep. Some kind of cold/flu/upper respiratory bug invaded my body over the weekend prior to Crimmis, and once I got on some antibiotics it was like I had taken a sleeping pill, so I missed most of the day. I did drag myself out of bed for 1. Santa, and 2. lunch and the opening of the presents. Somehow my camera stayed in bed, it seems, so all I have to show are these pictures from Christmas Eve, when I was still awake.

My mom's tree. We protested but she's at the age where all she can handle is a 'little tree.' I don't know why it matters, since she has a handyman who puts it up and takes it down, and I honestly think he even decorates it for her. But oh well.

Let the unwrapping begin!

Just what every 13-year old boy dreams of...monogrammed towels! My mom, what a riot.

Oh, that's much better...

The artist, making a painting for Santa. He ate the cookies she made and left for him, but he didn't take the painting, much to her chagrin.

And Claudine got a mouse. I mean, "Mouse? What mouse? I don't see anything. Yawn."

So that was my Christmas. I'm not in any of the pictures because I had on pajamas and dirty hair. Mom somehow isn't either, though she was clean and in nice clothes. But take my word for it, I got some fabulous, a scarf, some silver hoop earrings and a crock pot. I'll take pictures of those later.

So what did all of you get from Santa?


Kenzie said...


I bought my kitteh a santa outfit, she despises it!!! But I love it! Haha, she lose. I win.

And Nick got the iPod Touch!! Awesome!! They are nifty, I got one earlier this year and I love it! (When I use it, lol, my phone does everything the ipod does now, so I only need it in my car when the radio sucks) :D

Ingrid said...

I bet Nick is thrilled with his ipod! Rosie looks adorable with her little easel. Jill wrote a long letter to Santa with greetings to Mrs. Claus as well, to which I replied in a scrawly "I'm in a hurry" Santa forgery.

I got a donation in my name to Heifer International (two goats!), a beautiful green shawly scarf thing, socks, a calendar, BANANAGRAMS!, and Blokus.