Saturday, October 4, 2008

La poésie volée

It's an anniversary today. I just felt it was appropriate to mark the anniversary of my finding out the truth about the man I was planning to be with the rest of my life. The change in the weather that has come with this date brings it all back on some level. I'm happy in my life now. I'm glad I will never see him again. Everything - from my work to my relationship with my children and with myself - is better with him far away from me. But I was still hurt and betrayed beyond belief one year ago, and there are parts of me that won't forget, that refuse to forget. I think that's both good and bad. All I know is I've got some pretty serious scars, and right now I just feel sad about it all.


Kenzie said...

I can't believe it's already been a year. And you've come so far!

I'm glad you're finally happy. :)

Now, stay that way! lol

Anonymous said...

I wrote this poem about my ex-boyfriend, not my brother. You have placed copy-righted material on here without my permission. Please remove it. If you can't seem to do that, at least get your facts strait.

Julie said...

I made the changes, Charlotte "anonymous" Scales. But I seem to remember you telling me to "look for a poem called Ego cause it captures my brother perfectly." Gee! My mistake!

I also remember you telling me that none of that stuff is actually copyrighted, that you just wanted to make it look mistake again!

I also remember you being very supportive of me through and even way after all the stuff your brother put me through. You were my friend for a very long time, up until about a month ago when you suddenly disappeared and removed me from your friend list. It is indeed very hard to keep up with you Scales' loyalties, they change so often. My mistake, yet again, to think we were friends!