Sunday, October 26, 2008

"If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger"

I've discovered a wonderful new blog called If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There'd Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats. It's not new, really, just new to me. The byline says "An Ongoing Series of Cultural and Personal Observations; by Tom Sutpen, Stephen Cooke, Richard Gibson and Kimberly Lindbergs." I have no idea who these people are but they've put together a pop culture skip through time that's well worth a gander.

Each entry is nothing more than a photograph from a different era presented within the context of a series, some with their original journalistic caption. With series entitled The Art of the Panel (on comic strips,) An Illustrated History of American Labor, This Week's Sargent (a John Singer Sargent painting, but not weekly by any means,) Broadcasters, Sex Education, Newspapermen, G Is for Gedney (photos by William Gedney) and Annals of Crime (my favorite. Surprise!) there's something for everyone. Here's an example, from the Gedney series:

It's entitled Nude model sitting on stool while photographer adjusts view camera (1972)

Here's one from the Annals of Crime series:

Youths Confess Murder of Druggist

Brooklyn -- This youthful quartet from the notorious Navy Yard gang confessed yesterday that they took part in the attempted robbery in which Paul J. Gillman, druggist, was slain in his store at Court and Amity Streets. Yesterday the youthful gunmen re-enacted the crime in detail, under heavy police guard, for Assistant District Attorney Wilson. They are left to right: Stephen Collins, John Keogh, William J. Evans and Frank Evans. (1922)

And the umbrellas:

Police Suspect Murder and Suicide in Central Park.

New York -- General views of death scene in Central Park at 106th Street East early this evening. Bodies are those of Juanita Rivera and Luis Rizarry. Police suspect the man murdered the woman and then committed suicide. Time of death set at 4 p.m. A forty-five caliber pistol was the death weapon and can be seen in some of the pix near the man's right foot. (1952)

And one from the Old New York series:

Check it out.


Tom Sutpen said...


Thanks for this post. I haven't yet got to the point where I could be blase about endorsements such as these, so believe me when I say it is appreciated immensely.

Thank you!

Julie said...

You're so welcome. I seriously LOVE your blog.

Killashandra said...

the "Murder and Suicide" in Central Park with the "umbrellas" (hey, guess what? It rains in New York,and people carry umbrellas.) was the murder of my grandmother. To this day, my mother never told me how her mother died. I heard all sorts of stories, that she died in a car accident, she died of a heart attack, etc, but never the truth, because it haunts my mother to this day. I heard it from my father, when I finally asked him, in my 40s, to please tell me the truth. I started doing Internet searches back then, but never turned anything up until today. So - thank you for more information - I will now contact NYPD (my stepbrother works for them) and see what else I can find out from them. Next time, though, perhaps you could maybe hold back on the insensitive comments on future postings. Even 60 years later, there could be family who might be affected by the things that you post.

Killashandra said...

P.S. I hope to God my mother never finds this photo. Luckily, she's not very Internet savvy so I don't think that she will, but she's getting better as I teach her. My grandmother's death has affected her entire life. I hope that she is forever spared this photo.