Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I love these really clever pumpkins that some people are talented enough to carve. Ours are always cute as hell, but never SUPER clever like some are. For example, this kitty:

A skeleton:
This one has little windows with images:
Then some get kind of spooky, like this one:
Or this one, kind of:
And this one is really spooky:
But you must agree, this one is the scariest of all!
EEEK! Okay, it doesn't REALLY look like a pumpkin, though it's supposed to. Regardless, get out and vote on Tuesday, and keep this face nothing more than a Halloween phenomenon!

Happy trick or treating!


Kenzie said...

freakin sweet!!! I love really cool pumpkins and really scary ones... like that last one, lol!

tod said...

You stole this idea from my facebook photos, didn't you? :-)

Julie said...

Ha! Tod, it's just that great minds think alike. Or something like that...;-)