Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Breakfast, Job Interview and Other Fun

I had a job interview yesterday for a one-year visiting professorship at a local college. It went well, keep your fingers crossed. Afterwards it was still early...9:30 and I'm usually still asleep at that hour...so I decided to go treat myself to a yummy breakfast. I went to this little diner I used to frequent but have abandoned after they were rude to us one night. I figured they've suffered enough without me and went to see them. What a great decision. It was the best breakfast I've had in a while: scrambled eggs and sausage patties and grits and raisin toast. While waiting for my food I was feeling a little blue for some reason, but then when the guy handed it to me, I looked down to see they had made it into a little face: the grits were the actual face, the patty sausages were the eyes, and the eggs the hair. If I'd had a camera I would have taken its picture. As it is, just imagine...it looked like this, only better:
Back to the job...it would be so fabulous. I would have two sections of French 102 and one section of a French film class of my choice. Like a REAL PROFESSOR! And if I finish my dissertation over the course of the year, they'll up my salary to reflect the Ph.D...how cool is that? The only problem is that they told me they would call yesterday afternoon and I still haven't heard anything. I'm pretty sure I've got the position, since it's a last-minute replacement and they know me to be a good teacher, but still...

On the bright side, here's the building I'd get to teach in, and have my office in, too:

This is the most random post I possibly have made since I started this blog. I'm watching American Idol and am wondering how on God's green earth Jason Castro made it to the top five. What the hell? He's a total goober. Seriously, y'all...JASON??? He's like some boring guy singing at an outdoor festival to a bunch of hippies, none of whom are listening cause he's so BORING. Sheesh.

Brooke is singing "I'm A Believer," a song from which my childhood lyric flubs will always stick in my head. "I'm a believer I could enlieve her if I tried"..."When I needed sunshine on my brain"..."Not a trace looked out in my mind"...the hits go on and on.

Tonight is Neil Diamond night. Eddie, I hope you're watching, even though no one's singing "Solitary Man."


caryl said...

The job sounds very cool. A long time ago I worked at a University library (head of my department, thank you very much!)and I loved the atmosphere. I was just thinking the other day in fact, that it would be fun to work on a college campus again. Hope you get it!

tod said...

Good luck with the gig. I want to come audit your French Film class!

Julie said...

Film noir, baby. I'm gonna do (if I get the job that is) a cross-cultural thingy where I look at American film noir and then French and then American and then read some theory and just enjoy.

And you are welcome to audit, bien sur!

Ingrid said...

Oh oh oh I hope you get the job! Is it at Aggie Scott?

Did I ever tell you my childhood Monkees lyric mashup? I thought that in "Daydream Believer" they were singing "cherubs seem benign" - because I thought "benign" was pronounced "bejeen." Yes, I was 10 years old. I had read the word "benign" but never heard it. And didn't cherubs seem bejeen?

And me too, "sunshine on my brain."

Chicken & Waffles said...

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

You will kick ass, of course.