Saturday, May 19, 2007

Taylor Hicks went Golfing

Taylor played in some benefit tournament thing in Birmingham a few days ago. And it's driving me wild.

Someone please explain to me why these pictures are having such an odd affect on me. I can't stop looking. Is it because he looks so dang hot doing something other than what I usually see him do? Is it the clothes? The sunny day? The golf clubs? WHAT??

I have looked these pictures over again and again, and every time I just go "AWWWWW!" It's making me feel a little ill, cause I don't even like golf. But something about Taylor with a putter and hat and those golf-y sunglasses is doing a number on me. And I'm big enough to admit it.


jaybszoo said...

Another nice pic of Taylor

Julie said...

jaybszoo, I saw that one. Very nice. I call it "Greek God in Golf Duds."

Thank you.

Chicken & Waffles said...

Jules: Could it be because:

a) Likes like he finally got a decent night's sleep;
b) Looks relaxed knowing he won't have to participate in a Meet & Greet in 42 minutes;
c) Is wearing standard issue golf wear so no one will criticize his choice of clothing on a blog;
d)Maybe he actually ate carbs and enjoyed them, thank you;
e)Just bought a kick ass new putter and, well, it's working out pretty well
f) Can finally ace the par 3 holes;
g) Free beer on the 9th hole;
e) Is HOME.

Call me crazy.

Lauri said...

You know you're not alone on this, julie.. there are quite a few of us taken by these photos, and like Al Gore said on Larry King the other night, "I'm losing my objectivity..." (he was referring to a different topic, of course, but you get the idea!)

p.s. i've lurked around your site a number of times, and enjoy it- thanks for all the work you put into it...

p.p.s. c&w, i think you got it with the word "relaxed"!