Sunday, May 6, 2007

Lolita Sweetah

Does anyone out there love Lolita as much as I do? Not the book, and God knows not the cheesy remake, but the original Kubrick masterpiece. For me, it's up there with Franny and Zooey, which I have to read about every two years. I simply must see Lolita every so often or I get cranky. What a performance by James Mason as the uptight, in way-over-his-head pedophile, Humbert Humbert. Shelley Winters makes Charlotte Haze both a tragic character and just annoying enough that we want her to somehow get killed off. Sue Lyon is a pain in the ass, but damn, such an adorable conniving teenager from hell. And Peter Sellers is, well, Peter Sellers.

How did this movie ever pass the censors? I guess it's so tongue in cheek that no one caught the blatant references to what was really happening in West Ramsdale.

"I think it was your....cherry pie!"

"It's loaded with mayonnaise, just the way you like it!"

"If you were in my class I'd give you an A+."

Those of you who've seen it, here's a couple of scenes I know you'll love. Those who haven't seen it, shame on you. Get to the video store stat.



Chicken & Waffles said...

Hi ya Julesy:
I'm enjoying your blog. I also share your fond regard for "The Raspberrries"--it was one of my first albums too. Memories, ah.

Hoping you'll be coming to Tupelo. Bluesgirl and I are traveling together and I have a bank of rooms reserved. It won't be a party without you.

P.S. Can add your blog to my blog links?

Chicken & Waffles said...

Jules, dear:
Part 2: I have five double rooms already booked in Tupelo. I believe one of them has your name on it. Connect with SR--she is coordinating the group. Can't wait to meet you finally in person. Anyone quoting Kubrick's Lolita is my kind of gal. The fact that the protagonist is called Hump should speak volumes.

Julie said...

Humb, DAHLING. I'd actually forgotten about that. The other character names rock, too: Vivian Darkbloom, Mr. Swine, Lo's classmates (I've got the annotated version of the book, I'm such a geek), Aubrey McFate, Grace Angel, Rose Carmine...brilliant.

Okay, I'll check with SR about the hotel info.