Monday, May 28, 2007


The pool is finally open, and the kids and I spent all weekend there. It's like sliding into the ocean, getting back into the summer routine. Find the pool bag - check. Dig out the beach towels - check. See if the sunscreen from last year has dried up - check (it hadn't.) Throw on bathing suits, pull hair back into its permanent swimming ponytail, grab a big glass of sweet tea and some snacks, and we're off.

I love this first brush with summer. I feel calm, sunbaked and relaxed. Even boy troubles and Josie Davis can't really bother me on a weekend like this. I've got a pile of books I need to read and a dissertation I need to write and I think both might actually happen.

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Peanut said...

Sounds like the start to a perfect summer! Even though I've got only 14 school days left, it seems soooo far away. Can't wait to hear about your summer adventures!