Monday, April 30, 2007

Whiskers on kittens...

My poor cat Claudine has been feeling very needy and neglected lately. And by lately I mean ever since the arrival of Jazz, the dog. Claudie was a rescue kitty who apparently had mean owners before she came to live with us...mean owners who apparently did something very scary to her with pillows, since pillows are among her most feared objects. And vacuum cleaners. And small children. And most noises...

It took Claudie about two months to come out from under the big desk in the playroom and show the family how beautiful she really is. It took her another couple of months to show us her sweet disposition. It took her another six months or so to feel comfortable with us. As the years went by she got her little cat schedule down pat. Morning: Sleep till about 10, get up for some food, sleep in the playroom in the patch of sunshine. Afternoon: Sleep till about 4, have some food, sleep on the sofa in the living room. Evening: Go outside for awhile, come in for awhile, eat, sleep. Nightime: Go outside again, generally do cat things, meow at the window around dawn to come back in, eat, sleep.

With the arrival of Jazz, poor Claudine is traumatized: much noise in the backyard....funny dog smells...barking outside the window...catmint patch trampled on. But the main change is that her schedule is all wonky. There's no more sleeping in the patch of sunshine, since Jazz sometimes comes in the playroom. There's no more sleeping on the sofa in the living room, since it's next to the window to where much barking occurs. She can only go out at night when the pup is in, which means CHANGE. Kitties don't like change.

So to honor my sweet Claudine, here she is in all her bathing glory. Enjoy the beauty of a clean cat.


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