Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shiny Happy Blogs

Welcome to this odd little corner of cyberspace called ciao manhattan.

There is no rhyme nor reason to this blog. I realize that. Why the Warhol/Edie connection? I don't know. I just felt the need to blog, and Andy and Edie kind of followed me in here. Why the cutesie-pie X-Files reference? I don't know. It just seemed appropriate.

The demise of Everyone's Favorite Blog has given me time to stop and think about what I'm doing here on the computer all the damn time. I guess I'm hooked on this crap: thinking way too much about insignificant blips on the cultural radar screen, finding connections between music/ films/ books/ people, getting into fights over nothing, making friends and then losing them, all in the name of blogging. I really didn't expect to, but I feel lost now that is finally, irretrievably, unmistakably closed. Even though I was perhaps a tad instrumental in that closing...well, probably not... I am still very sad.

So the thought for today is: Why do we get an ache in our heart when something ends? I mean, if nothing is forever, how stupid are we to have regrets when something is over? We know that endings are a part of beginnings, yet we still grieve at that final glimpse of something as the door closes on it. I suppose I'm melancholy because today was the last day of the semester for me. The class I worried about, planned for, sweated bullets over, and in the end did an okay job teaching is now finished, finally, irretrievably and unmistakably over. While I have waited for this day for months, I am still very sad.

So boo fucking hoo. I better just buy myself a big box of Get Over It, as Squee so kindly suggested to me last night. Good idea. On that note I'll leave you with an amazingly goofy picture of a fellow I kind of like. Ah...I feel better already.


Peanut said...

This has been a week of endings, hasn't it? We have lost some friends that we didn't expect to lose. They hurt us, and I have found myself spending a lot of time wondering why. And it's weird how hitting the delete button on Myspace could make me feel so sad. Those memories from the visit to GA and the Ham? Well, fat ass not included, they were awesome! But, those memories are now tainted by this new drama. These were people we thought were cool (GC included), but I guess it's hard to "know" anyone over the Internet. Which is why I am so glad that you and I got some time to hang out and become friends! I have wonderful memories of making a new friend for life.

As a teacher, whether it may seem obvious or not, you've created a bond with your class. Saying goodbye to them can be really hard. I count the days until school ends, but I can't tell you how badly the tears well up in my eyes on that last day of school, as I send those kiddos off to summer vacation and 4th grade.

I think you're going to have fun blogging! Keep at it, I'm definitely interested to see where this blog leads you! *muah!*

wompuss said...

Oh, my goodness! Thanks for the link. Hopefully, I can start bloggin again soon. merow!

Anonymous said...

Way to go! A blog site I can relate to and will visit often. You go girl!


Anonymous said...

Yay Julie! I love your new blog. I have been thinking of starting one myself on this forum but never think I have too much to say. Anyway, you should not be sad the semester is over. I know how you feel, though. Looking back is a good thing--especially when you do not regret anything. Remember the feeling teaching gave you, remember the students, remember the texts, with great fondness and think of all the ways you can grow the next time you teach it.
Are you coming to graduation?
Take care,