Saturday, April 28, 2007


So I'm going to the Tupelo Elvis Festival this year in ....Tupelo! Ever since I heard about it I've been singing this damn song:

Sadly, this is the onliest version of the song I can find on video. YouTube doesn't appear to have a version from before Nick Cave morphed into *insert name of old, stringy-haired, balding wino here.* WTF??? When did that happen? For so long this man was my true love, the most striking, dynamic, cool, handsome and talented performer out there. Now I wish I hadn't gone fishing for videos today. I'll leave you all with this, to wash the taste out of our collective mouths. Nick, Blixa, and the guys at their best:

"Murder takes the wheel of the Cadillac and death climbs in the back." Nice.

OH! In the shock of seeing the 2006 Nick Cave almost forgot to mention - I'm going to the bloody downtown outdoor Elvis festival to see Taylor Hicks. Woohoo, baby!

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Peanut said...

You're going to Tupelo?! Rock on, sistah! And kick some fat, donut asses for me while you're there!