Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vacation, kids and ghosties

I've been so negligent of my blog. I guess that is good and bad: good in that I've been very busy, bad in that I'm getting lazy and out of the habit of writing. Not to mention the fact that nothing REALLY is going on in my life. There's no excitement, no love affairs, no heartbreak (well, let's face it, I'd rather have no love affair than a heavy affair and breakup. Or would I?), no breakthroughs in my work. The semester is winding down...thank God!...and I'm just in cruise mode for the next two weeks.

One exciting event is that last week was the kids' spring break and we took a trip to Chattanooga. Wait...let me back up... first we had several surprise gatherings. One at Deb and Tom's house, which was loads of fun (cookout, good conversation, relaxed evening outside,) and then several with Nick and Rosie's friends either here or elsewhere, so it felt like they were really on vacation, though we didn't leave town till Thursday.

Read House, haunted hotel, lobby

So, Thursday we took off for Chattanooga, our vacation-destination-when- we-can't-afford-a-vacation destination. It's always a fun time, and this visit Rosie and I were determined to see the ghost of room 311. I had researched the ghostly stuff in some detail this time, and I knew the room would more than likely be empty, as they don't assign it to people unless they request it. As soon as we arrived we wandered the halls, to see if we could find someone to let us in the room. Alas, there was no one around.

Oooo spooky. So we wandered around exploring the hotel. Here's some cool stuff we found:

Original elevator sign

Original phone booths

Service area staircase

Then, back in our room, where I took more pictures. And lo and behold: Orbs!

The next day we did the usual Chattanooga things, had a yummy dinner at the Blue Water Grill, then came back for more exploring. This is a fabulous old post office downtown:

And an art deco beauty, "The Times":

And then there's Roy's Grill, possibly in an old Krystal, apparently vacant, sadly:

Saturday we took off for Mom's, but not before MORE exploring, this time around the Chickamauga battlefield. Very beautiful but kind of too much to get to today. Tune in next time for "Ghosts on a Confederate Battlefield"...


Kenzie said...

So exciting! I really wish there were things to experience like that here in crappy ol' Omaha... Seriously, not even the graveyards are haunted.

I can't wait to hear about the battlefield!

El Jefe Maximo said...

That hotel is cool looking...reminds me vaguely of the St. Anthony in San Antonio. Speaking of San Antonio and haunted, the Menger in San Antonio is supposed to be haunted also, and it's another very nice old hotel.

All of those pictures are cool. You found an old Krystal huh? I remember those growing up.

Look forward to your Chickamauga description, I am way interested in that battle, but that's one of the battlefields I have not gotten to.