Friday, April 24, 2009

Going to Athens

Cathy and I are heading up to Athens tomorrow. I'm excited but at the same time kind of not. We are going to a huge celebration in honor of John Seawright, a most beloved human being (see here and here,) and a party afterwards. I am happy to see all the people who will be attending, and hope to see my crush there, but there's also the ick factor, also known as "What if Paul and Ugh are there?" I doubt they will be, honestly, but you never know. If there's free booze and the possibility of getting high, Paul just might show. I shouldn't let it bother me; like Cat says, if they are there I will just hold my head high and ignore them, knowing how far beneath me they are. But still, I don't want to have to LOOK AT THEM and have it ruin my day. But my crush will be there, and lots of other fabulous people, so fuck em.

Good things about going to Athens tomorrow:


Athenians I love

John Seawright
Bad things about going to Athens tomorrow:

Okay, the good outweigh the bad. Just pray for me, people, that it turns out to be a drama-free visit, in the spirit of the sweetheart that was John Seawright.


El Jefe Maximo said...

Thank you for the links on John Seawright, particularly the second. Not having lived in Georgia (and being rather dense about certain things anyway) I had not, prior to seeing your entry and comments elsewhere -- heard of him, most definitely to my detriment.

Julie said...

El Jefe, you probably wouldn't have heard of him. He was a local phenomenon, as were many of the best people to come out of Athens. He was a sweetheart, that's for sure...