Monday, September 1, 2008

From "Play," 1962

Woman 1 : I said to him, Give her up. I swore by all I held most sacred--

Woman 2 : One morning as I was sitting stitching by the open window she burst in and flew at me. Give him up, she screamed, he's mine. Her photographs were kind to her. Seeing her now for the first time full length in the flesh I understood why he preferred me.

Man : We were not long together when she smelled the rat. Give up that whore, she said, or I'll cut my throat [hiccup] --pardon--so help me God. I knew she could have no proof. So I told her I did not know what she was talking about.

Woman 2 : What are you talking about? I said, stitching away. Someone yours? Give up whom? I smell you off him, she screamed, he stinks of bitch.

Woman 1 : Though I had him dogged for months by a first-rate man, no shadow of proof was forthcoming. And there was no denying that he continued as . . . assiduous as ever. This, and his horror of the merely Platonic thing, made me sometimes wonder if I were not accusing him unjustly. Yes.

Man : What have you to complain of ? I said. Have I been neglecting you? How could we be together in the way we are if there were someone else? Loving her as I did, with all my heart, I could not but feel sorry for her.

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Mike Mc said...

Thank you so much for this link...I've just been in a daze trying to get the language into my ear..