Sunday, September 14, 2008

Celibacy rocks

I am totally getting into this being alone thing. It may be the best move I've ever made for myself. I am focused, calm, productive and a nice mom. I don't have mood swings, don't worry about someone calling or making a date or missing a date or saying the wrong's all about ME!

I highly recommend shutting down the emotional and sexual motor to all you gals (and guys? I know nothing about y'all...) from time to time just to re-center yourselves. It's cleansing and strengthening, and a bunch of other new agey words. But seriously, I've never been happier.

Of course, if Crispin Glover wanted me, I might have to change gears a bit. And there was that dream last night totally out of the blue about me and Tommy Glavine. But hey, the motor's just idling, not off...


Chicken And Waffles said...

While I appreciate the concept and the true value it provides you at this period in your life, it's not such an easy concept for those of us living in imposed celibacy because their respective mates just don't sleep with them anymore. And that does not rock, she says bitterly.

Please pardon the 'tude. A sensitive subject. :)

Julie said...