Monday, August 4, 2008

Men I'm Obsessed With, Part I

I have a few celebrity crushes, I admit it. Today we will discuss one.

Crispin Glover.

Crispin is a guy I'd be really good pals with if we moved in the same circles, or if we were in high school together or something. He embodies everything I go for in a man...he's talented, very intelligent, and wonderfully insane. There's something about him physically too that drives me wild. I like imperfection, and his slight off-ness, both physical and otherwise, is just fabulous. Here's a clip from a 1991 movie, "Rubin and Ed," in which he stars with Howard Hesseman:

Though I love this film, my favorite one of his is called "Little Noises," which stars Crispin, Tatum O'Neal, the guy who played Rachel's boyfriend, Joshua, on "Friends", Rik Mayall from "The Young Ones," among others. It's a beautiful movie, really funny yet really sad, too. It has one of the most beautiful kissing scenes ever. I can't find even a teeny clip of it anywhere, which is a shame. Here's the only photo I could locate out there:

While I love the crazy, off-the-wall, experimental nature of what he does, the truth of the matter is that his intelligence pulls me in more than any other quality. I love how he knows he's smart and creative in a way that lots of mainstream people just don't get, and he isn't afraid to let you know it. Crispin has this way of talking that makes me want to jump in and argue with him. Like here, as he discusses the role of Grendel, which he plays in the recent film "Beowulf":

And here, as he discusses, among other things, his film, "What is It?" I have one of the books that he has in his lap, by the way. Autographed. Oh yeah.

Artaud would be so proud!

In putting this blog entry together, I went to his website,, and found that he is making an APPEARANCE in Atlanta at the Plaza Theatre in three weeks, screening his movie "What is It?" and (gulp) signing autographs. Holy crap. Wish me luck...


Chicken & Waffles said...

I'm not obsessed with him, but I also really like Glover as a creative artist. He's talented, intriguing, interesting and as you suggest, sort of off kilter.

I knew there was a reason I liked you, girl.


Lucy Cuseo said...

Crisping Lover