Friday, March 21, 2008

Thanks, Gray

Anybody know whose house this was filmed in? I remember this year. Michael was living on Cobb Street in a duplex where I used to have to shower occasionally when my water was off, which for some reason was often. Where was I living? Why did we not have water? What's my name again?

Ah, good times, good times...


Anonymous said...

Aw, cute song! Cute guys. I don't know whose house that is either. Your water was probably off because the pipes froze. I was often in the same boat. It seems like we would have water and electricity, or electricity and phone, or water and phone, but never all three at once.

Julie said... is modest with yer "cute song". Silly. And you're right about the electricity and phone and stuff. I guess we were too busy to pay bills.