Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Those wacky 80's

Hello, gentle reader. I am totally stealing an idea from my blog pal, Scott Heim. In his March 9 entry, he posted a bunch of "remember when" kind of videos, which made me very happy as I had forgotten about many of the songs, and a couple of the bands. So I'm gonna do the same. Here are my favorite videos (that I can remember in my senility, that is) from 1980 to 1983:

I'll start with the old homeboys, REM, "Baby I".

It's not a real video, but I sure do remember dancing to it.

P Furs, "Sister Europe":

I drove one cold November night from Athens to Decatur to see them. We hit a deer on Highway 78 and had to stop and call the police in case "the poor thing is still alive and out in the bushes hurt." That quote is from the girl riding shotgun that night, Miss Jessica Fisher.

Split Enz, "I Got You":

Elvis Costello, "Kid About It":

Some of the best lyrics ever written are on this album...I just realized I'm gonna have to do a whole post just on Imperial Bedroom, so stay tuned.

"Punctured bicycle, on a hillside, desolate." Need I say anything more?:

Buzzcocks, "Ever Fallen In Love":

They're lip-synching but who cares. This was my anthem for most of the '80s. And the '90s. And well into the 2000s, come to think of it...

The Church, "Under the Milky Way"...NOT from the timespan above, but the original video I posted suddenly became 'unavailable' once I'd posted it. Bastards:

More on this band later, too. They were very important to me for a long time...I met them once in a parking lot and gave them directions to the Moonshadow, where they were playing that night. Sweet guys...

And we'll end on a humorous note:

John Lydon and Keith Levine, Tom Snyder:

I love this cause Tom Snyder actually comes off as being fairly cool, and Johnny comes off as a total wanker. But I have to say, I saw PiL at the Agora, and the experience was great. They put on an amazing show, and Johnny was cool with it all. He even bummed a cigarette from me from the stage. AWWWW.

To be continued...

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