Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thoughts for the Days

So my wonderful Myspace friend, Fiona, sends out a Thought for the Day every day. Somehow they are always right on target, in fact, often eerily so. Here is one from a couple of days ago:

Um, yes, less joyful is a nice way to put it.

But every time I read one of her bulletins, and think about how appropriate it is for me to get this message, at this moment in time, I start to wonder about our connection to the cosmos. Is there "something" out there that knows more than me, that knows when I need a message like this one, or an unexpected email or phone call, and makes sure I get it? Lately it seems so. I keep hearing just the right song at the right moment, or having two or three people send me exactly the same thought or idea, and I really take it to heart. But if that's the case, if some power from beyond is looking out for me and signaling me the right way to go, then why doesn't "it" go a step further and send me what I really need? Because all this hinting around, all these gentle pushes in the right direction, just end up frustrating me. What happened to me in October is much bigger than me. It's much more than I can fight alone. I need more than subtle hints; I need a real concrete solution.

I realized a few days ago that what happened between me and P. was so big that it requires big action. Going to therapy, going to group, reading about how to forget, how to forgive, how to accept, how to live in the moment...all these things are good positive moves in general, and are in fact, helpful for living life to the fullest and remaining healthy and strong. But I need something more. I can't move through and beyond the pain and sense of loss simply by accepting it; it's just not happening. I try to sit through the sadness. I end up still sad. I try to forbid myself from thinking about him. I still think about him. I tell myself he was an asshole to leave me the way he did. I still want him. I look at all his faults. I still miss him. None of my theraputic gestures has made me feel any different about P. than I did all along. I still love him. So I've got to do something drastic. I'm looking at several options.

Option number one: go to a psychic healer. I know nothing about psychic healers, but it's worth a shot. I'm to the point where an exorcism seems like a good idea, in fact.

Option number two: go to Sedona, Arizona, or Glastonbury, or one of those other places with strong vibrations. Maybe just by being in a very heavy place, I'll have a breakthrough of some sort, and know how to live without him, or how to get him back in my life.

Option number three: total and permanent change of scenery, like moving to Hawaii or something. I'm on the job market, and can technically go wherever I want to , if I can get a job there. The problem is, of course, the children. I can't take them too far away from their dad, but I so need to leave Atlanta, Athens, the southeast...I'd love to just give it all up and go away. Alone.

In the meantime, I continue to read, take long walks, think about (and sometimes even attempt) writing my dissertation. But in truth I'm just killing time. Waiting. For what? I don't know. But things aren't progressing as I had hoped they would. Damnit.


Anonymous said...

errr... a sex cure maybe would help!
but what do i know... it's 'maree basse' here! :-)
Hawaii is cool!

Ingrid said...

Do you still have the contact information for the Sufi healer and the soul retrieval person that I sent you? I can get it again if you need it.

Julie said...

I think it's missing. Please send it again, Ing. Thanks!

And Zen, the sex cure didn't help. Fun, but it didn't cure me.

caryl said...

I've been surprised at how well you've been doing, actually! You took a hard blow. You know I've been with the same man since I was 19, so I have no experience to draw from. But moving sounds like a good idea.

caryl said...

OK, I think I goofed with my comment. I mean, moving WITH the kids might be a good idea. But I understand that they can't be too far away from their dad. So I guess Hawaii's out.

Julie said...

Thanks, Caryl, for giving this so much thought. I appreciate your encouragement. I will probably move somewhere, just have to stay in the southeast, dammit. I love the southeast, but everything has a memory attached to it.

I'm thinking about going to LA instead of my earlier planned visit to Frisco. I might hang with Bug for a while and meet some celebrities. LOL. We'll see.