Saturday, September 1, 2007


Geez, what happened to August? For me it has been like a wasted month, a time spent marking days off a calendar, waiting. And I've still got so far to go.

I am finally ready to file for divorce. It has taken this long for everyone to agree on the wording of certain (money-related) items. We've had to write and re-write, and the delay has radically drained my spirit. I feel spent and empty, and very tired. On the bright side, it will all be official on Tuesday. I feel liberated and relieved about that. But I think I've aged about five years in the last month, and I fear I'll age another ten before it's finalized and I can see my man again. Ouch.

Today's entry is not really going to be about much. I'm just marking time. I'm going to see John Wesley Harding tonight at Eddie's Attic. He's a good friend of mine and I haven't seen him in about three years. It should be fun. Here's a sampling of his stuff. It's from some in-store performance, but is the only video performance of one of my favorite songs that I could find. Listening to the words today, I realize the song could be about me, though Wes and I aren't like THAT, of course.

That's my pal Rob Lloyd on the keyboards. Ah, music. See, I feel better


caryl said...

I'm in the lobby of a hotel in Austin on their computer and sadly, can't play the song. I'll check it out when I return home, though.

Maybe this isn't the place for this question, so don't answer here if you'd rather not. Did Paul say he'll see you after the divorce is final?

Julie said...

Caryl, I sent you an email. Basically the future is all up in the air at this point but I'm feeling more positive about things as this process moves along.

Chicken & Waffles said...

It takes a lot of courage to take this step. You're a bright, strong, vibrant woman. The world is your oyster. Go and show them your stuff.

Seriously. Proud. Of. You.