Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 2010

I am revamping this blog. In the past, it's been a place where I purged a lot of personal stuff, and on the lucky occasion posted something really interesting. Much of that role has been taken over by Facebook. But with FB threatening to self-destruct in the near future, I want to re-establish this as a place for my ramblings and musings, videos and dreams.

Today I want to start with some images of people who evoke something way down inside me. First of all, Anne Sexton, whom Paul Burke introduced me to. Everything she did was gorgeous. She was gorgeous.

And this, stol...um...borrowed from another blog. It's Ian Curtis, shortly before his suicide:

Next, a wonderful story that's had me in tears all day today, May Booker with Thin Lizzy. From the blurb that accompanies the video: "In 1982, a 70-year-old English granny named May Booker wrote a letter to the BBC about her favorite band, and how nice it would be to play with them. Then this happened":

Finally, a beautiful picture of someone I was growing very close to, but who seems to be fading away already:

It's been a very blue day for me.


Mike M. said...

glad to see the comeback....

Julie said...

Thanks, Mike! I've now left Facebook for good, or at least for a while, so join me here more often. ;-)

Indietop20 said...

I like this blog, too. How do you find all this time to blog and do facebook at the same time?????

Ploppy Jenkins.

Julie said...

Ploppy, as you can see, the last entry here was "December 2010". It served its purpose early on, but has fallen by the wayside. But thanks!