Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Prayers for Randy Bewley

Randy is being taken off life support this afternoon at Athens General Hospital. Please pray for him.

**Update** Randy died today a little before 5:00 pm following a heart attack and car accident that occurred on Monday in Athens. Randy was the guitarist for Pylon and a dear friend. He was a wonderful person who will be very greatly missed.


Kenzie said...

Being taken off of life support is usually a good sign! Except in my grandpa's case. But I'm going to take it as a good sign, (mainly because I don't know the whole story, lol), but I will still keep him in my prayers. :)

Julie said...

No, I'm afraid it's a bad sign, Kenzer. Randy, who I failed to mention in the original post is the guitarist (pictured above) for Pylon, had a heart attack while driving and wrecked his van. Apparently in the wreck he suffered extensive brain damage. His family decided this afternoon to take him off life support and let nature take its course. I don't know yet what that course is, but please pray for him. He's a dear friend and a sweetheart.