Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Out of Town

The kids and I are heading out for a visit to see my mom for the rest of the week. It's been storming here so keep your fingers crossed that we don't get swept up in a tornado or sumthin'. It should be a pleasant, calm, stress-free trip. I plan to write a dissertation, or maybe a chapter of one. Even a few pages would be nice at this point.

I've been in a David Sylvian mood lately. And The Walker Brothers. Odd combination but there you go.



Scott Walker is the ultimate in cool, but what's up with those dancers?

Y'all leave me some comments. It's lonely in here.


Kenzie said...

have fun julie!!

a vacation sounds fun!... lucky lol :)

caryl said...

hey, chick! It's been tough finding a computer since we're away from home. Hope your get-away was fun or productive or whatever you wnated it to be! I miss you. :(

Julie said...

Thanks guys. Life totally sucks at the moment but I am glad to be home where I have INTERNET!!!

I missed y'all too...